i-STEM Olympiad 2021, The List Of The Finalists

2. You can download the Certificates of Participation in the exams from your student panel.

3. The students who made it to the finals in two categories will be able to participate in the Final Exam in

only one of those categories. You can select your preferred category from your student panel between

April 21 - May 20, 2021.

4. There has been an update in the report forms of the students who made it to the finals in two categories. We recommend downloading the report form again.

5. New and up-to-date information about the exam process and the new questions to be asked in the final exams will be provided in the following weeks.

6. The procedures of the Final Exam such as identity verification, photo and document uploading, calligraphy confirmation and etc. will be announced in detail later.

8. The date of the final exam has been postponed to May 23, 2021.

We congratulate all the finalists.

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